Business License and Vehicle Information APIs

Business License and Vehicle Information APIs provides a large set of APIs to complement your company’s technology and needs.

Business License Lookup API

A business license lookup API is an online database, which delivers business registration and other related information. It is a huge source of licensing info, which provides access to massive records. As one may guess, it offers lots of opportunities. For example, you can programmatically verify a business license as well as get to know other important details.

The range of our API’s search includes the above-mentioned scopes and even more. Below you can find more about the things the application programming interface presents.

License Plate Search API

Nowadays, if you want to gain information about a certain vehicle, your first step will probably be using an online lookup. It provides you with essential data about the vehicle as well as other important features. Moreover, it also touches on the ownership history. Owing to that, you can be sure that your purchase is worth the cash.

Other than that, there are other fundamental points worth paying attention to. For example, you may want to learn about past accidents, thefts, available license plates, and so on.

We have set up License plate search API with the aim to meet those needs and serve as a reliable source of information. Below you can find the benefits and principal functions of the API.

People Search API

People Search API serves the purpose to deliver specific data about this or that person.

The unique search tool allows you to find any person you need information about with a single query.

The only precondition is entering the right name of the person on the search blank.

Phone Number Lookup API

Phone Numbers Search API is an enormous database, which provides information based on a phone number. It is a unique and simplified identifier that is able to provide lots of information only by a simple search. In addition, the application programming interface is convenient for users to use, access, understand, and benefit off. So, not only is it easy to use but it is also pretty helpful and of great use.


USDOT Motor Carrier Search API

Sometimes people face the problem of having to gain certain information about a motor carrier in the United States. They feel the need to find reliable sources of info alongside easy and straightforward tools. As we may imagine, it would not be a piece of cake. There can be possible difficulties connected with the process.

In answer to that, LicenseLookup has designed the US Motor Carriers License Lookup API. It is created with the latest cutting–edge technologies to meet the needs of potential users. To learn more about the API’s benefits and positive sides, continue reading.

Vehicle Information Search API

Vehicle Information Search API has been created for the purpose to deliver vehicle data access. It is a huge source of relevant information related to auto systems and protocols. Thus, it offers various means to get acquainted with autos and their specifications. The latter includes model, year of make, features, and so on.

It is also useful for exploring the history of this or that car. Before you set out to buy a new vehicle, you seek as much information about it as you can. Nobody wants to buy a damaged car, right? If so, one may need to learn about the car’s owners, accident and theft history. That is the best way to make sure a potentially better bargain is struck.

This, however, is not the final list. There are a number of key aspects that the API provides info on. To learn more about them, continue reading.

Zip Codes Search API

As modern technologies evolve day by day, the way of sending and receiving mail becomes more important. This results in the demand to find simpler means of identifying and scanning zip codes. That is why we have created Zip Codes Search API to make the process more convenient and easy.

Our API, which is also known as Zip code lookup, gives the opportunity to look for information with the help of a Zip code. In other words, the code becomes a unique identifier, providing a wealth of information.





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